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All new theme park rides in europe opening in the coming years



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Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Airplane Restaurant Serengeti-Park - unknown Latest update: Oct 12, 2022 Restaurant Serengeti-Park Germany unknown 2022-10-12-21-14
Amazonia Bellewaerde Park - 2024 Latest update: May 16, 2024 Water ride Bellewaerde Park Belgium 2024 2024-05-16-20-04
Aquascope Futuroscope - 2025 Latest update: Mar 4, 2024 Water park Futuroscope France 2025 2024-03-04-10-50
Aquila Mandoria - 2025 Latest update: Nov 23, 2023 Roller coaster Mandoria Poland 2025 2023-11-23-21-53
Attractiepark Rotterdam Attractiepark Rotterdam - unknown Latest update: Mar 22, 2024 Amusement Park Attractiepark Rotterdam Netherlands unknown 2024-03-22-13-10
Berg- und Tal Hetz Skyline Park - 2024 Latest update: Mar 11, 2024 Roller coaster Skyline Park Germany 2024 2024-03-11-19-23
Bibi & Tina Park Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal - 2024 Latest update: Aug 16, 2022 Amusement Park Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal Germany 2024 2022-08-16-21-16
Bommelwereld Bommelwereld - 2025 Latest update: Mar 29, 2024 Amusement Park Bommelwereld Netherlands 2025 2024-03-29-11-21
Brazilian Buggies Bellewaerde - 2024 Latest update: Apr 21, 2024 Roller coaster Bellewaerde Belgium 2024 2024-04-21-00-04
Captain Jack Aviation Themepark Captain Jack Aviation Themepark - unknown Latest update: Feb 13, 2023 Amusement Park Captain Jack Aviation Themepark Belgium unknown 2023-02-13-18-09
Choco Chip Creek Mine Train Energylandia - 2024 Latest update: Aug 7, 2023 Roller coaster Energylandia Poland 2024 2023-08-07-14-05
Croatia Themed Area Europa-Park - 2024 Latest update: Jan 30, 2024 Themed area with rides Europa-Park Germany 2024 2024-01-30-10-50
Dämonen Gruft Heide Park - 2024 Latest update: Apr 6, 2024 Dark ride Heide Park Germany 2024 2024-04-06-06-30
Danse Macabre Efteling - 2024 Latest update: May 22, 2024 Experience Efteling Netherlands 2024 2024-05-22-15-04
Die Schlümpfe Dark Ride Holiday Park - 2024 Latest update: Jan 12, 2023 Dark ride Holiday Park Germany 2024 2023-01-12-10-54
Disaster: The Blockbuster Tour Movieland Park - 2024 Latest update: Mar 31, 2024 Transport ride Movieland Park Italy 2024 2024-03-31-18-04
Disney Village Refurbishment Disneyland Paris - unknown Latest update: Feb 4, 2023 Refurbishment Disneyland Paris France unknown 2023-02-04-00-04
Double RMC Single-Rail Coaster Walibi Holland - 2025 Latest update: Dec 29, 2023 Roller coaster Walibi Holland Netherlands 2025 2023-12-29-19-00
Drop tower Adventure Island - 2024 Latest update: Dec 14, 2023 Tower ride Adventure Island United Kingdom 2024 2023-12-14-12-52
Drop tower Tibidabo - 2024 Latest update: Nov 23, 2022 Drop tower Tibidabo Spain 2024 2022-11-23-09-06
Efteling Grand Hotel Efteling - 2025 Latest update: May 16, 2024 Hotel Efteling Netherlands 2025 2024-05-16-18-04
Family Boomerang Coaster Emerald Park - 2024 Latest update: Jul 17, 2023 Roller coaster Emerald Park Ireland 2024 2023-07-17-11-04
Family thrill coaster Drayton Manor - 2024 Latest update: Dec 13, 2023 Roller coaster Drayton Manor United Kingdom 2024 2023-12-13-21-44
Fjord Explorer Le Pal - 2024 Latest update: May 10, 2024 Roller coaster Le Pal France 2024 2024-05-10-10-52
Frozen Land: Kingdom of Arendelle Walt Disney Studios Park - unknown Latest update: Jan 28, 2024 Themed area with rides Walt Disney Studios Park France unknown 2024-01-28-21-57
Ghostly Manor Paultons Park - 2025 Latest update: May 20, 2024 Dark ride Paultons Park United Kingdom 2025 2024-05-20-11-06
Gigantosaurus Land Roarr! - 2024 Latest update: Jun 1, 2023 Themed area with rides Roarr! United Kingdom 2024 2023-06-01-14-14
Grand Circus Balancé Efteling - cancelled Latest update: Jan 15, 2023 Roller coaster Efteling Netherlands cancelled 2023-01-15-18-00
Hangende Achtbaan Attractiepark Slagharen - unknown Latest update: May 6, 2024 Roller coaster Attractiepark Slagharen Netherlands unknown 2024-05-06-17-05
Honey Harbour Energylandia - 2024 Latest update: Aug 7, 2023 Roller coaster Energylandia Poland 2024 2023-08-07-14-05
Hossoland Hossoland - unknown Latest update: May 11, 2024 Amusement Park Hossoland Poland unknown 2024-05-11-20-21
Hyperia Thorpe Park - 2024 Latest update: May 22, 2024 Roller coaster Thorpe Park United Kingdom 2024 2024-05-22-01-02
Indoor Roller Coaster Alton Towers - rumoured Latest update: Aug 16, 2023 Roller coaster Alton Towers United Kingdom rumoured 2023-08-16-23-52
Indoor Waterpark Chessington World of Adventures - unknown Latest update: Nov 23, 2022 Water park Chessington World of Adventures United Kingdom unknown 2022-11-23-18-04
Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Döbeln Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Döbeln - 2024 Latest update: Mar 24, 2024 Amusement Park Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Döbeln Germany 2024 2024-03-24-13-09
Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Loxstedt Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Loxstedt - unknown Latest update: Mar 26, 2024 Amusement Park Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Loxstedt Germany unknown 2024-03-26-20-10
LaLiga Park PortAventura World - unknown Latest update: Sep 18, 2020 Amusement Park PortAventura World Spain unknown 2020-09-18-21-10
Le Dragon Jardin d'Acclimatation - 2024 Latest update: Apr 11, 2023 Roller coaster Jardin d'Acclimatation France 2024 2023-04-11-13-10
LEGO Adventure Golf LEGOLAND Windsor - 2024 Latest update: Aug 21, 2023 Experience LEGOLAND Windsor United Kingdom 2024 2023-08-21-11-28
Legoland Benelux Legoland Benelux - cancelled Latest update: Mar 27, 2023 Amusement Park Legoland Benelux Belgium cancelled 2023-03-27-20-20
LEGOLAND Windsor Holiday Village Legoland Windsor - 2024 Latest update: Mar 27, 2023 Holiday Village Legoland Windsor United Kingdom 2024 2023-03-27-10-59
Life (Tomorrowland Water Park) Tomorrowland Water Park - unknown Latest update: Dec 29, 2023 Water park Tomorrowland Water Park Poland unknown 2023-12-29-21-07
Lion King Water Ride Walt Disney Studios Park - unknown Latest update: Mar 3, 2024 Water ride Walt Disney Studios Park France unknown 2024-03-03-22-04
London Resort London Resort - 2025 Latest update: Feb 3, 2024 Amusement Park London Resort United Kingdom 2025 2024-02-03-17-54
Lucky Luke The Ride Movie Park Germany - cancelled Latest update: Aug 13, 2022 Roller coaster Movie Park Germany Germany cancelled 2022-08-13-10-39
Mahuka Walibi Rhône-Alpes - 2024 Latest update: May 8, 2024 Roller coaster Walibi Rhône-Alpes France 2024 2024-05-08-18-21
Majaland Gdansk Majaland Gdansk - unknown Latest update: Dec 21, 2022 Amusement Park Majaland Gdansk Poland unknown 2022-12-21-18-04
Majaland Katowice Majaland Katowice - unknown Latest update: Feb 28, 2020 Amusement Park Majaland Katowice Poland unknown 2020-02-28-00-11
Mandoria Olsztynek Mandoria Olsztynek - 2024 Latest update: Oct 10, 2022 Amusement Park Mandoria Olsztynek Poland 2024 2022-10-10-10-55
Minifigure Speedway LEGOLAND Windsor - 2024 Latest update: Apr 10, 2024 Roller coaster LEGOLAND Windsor United Kingdom 2024 2024-04-10-11-11
Mission Bermuda Futuroscope - 2025 Latest update: Jan 29, 2024 Water ride Futuroscope France 2025 2024-01-29-22-23
Oceana Liseberg - unknown Latest update: Apr 5, 2024 Water park Liseberg Sweden unknown 2024-04-05-17-34
Peppa Pig Park Günzburg Peppa Pig Park Günzburg - 2024 Latest update: May 20, 2024 Amusement Park Peppa Pig Park Günzburg Germany 2024 2024-05-20-17-00
Plopsa Hotel Coo Plopsa Coo - unknown Latest update: Dec 19, 2022 Hotel Plopsa Coo Belgium unknown 2022-12-19-22-15
Plopsa Hotel Holiday Park Holiday Park - 2024 Latest update: Oct 11, 2022 Hotel Holiday Park Germany 2024 2022-10-11-11-04
Plopsa Village Plopsaland De Panne - 2024 Latest update: Apr 17, 2024 Holiday Village Plopsaland De Panne Belgium 2024 2024-04-17-18-20
Plopsaqua Holiday Park Holiday Park - unknown Latest update: Apr 1, 2022 Water park Holiday Park Germany unknown 2022-04-01-10-00
Plopsaqua Mechelen Plopsaqua Mechelen - 2025 Latest update: Dec 30, 2023 Water park Plopsaqua Mechelen Belgium 2025 2023-12-30-10-20
Roller Coaster Winnoland - unknown Latest update: Aug 17, 2022 Roller coaster Winnoland France unknown 2022-08-17-21-35
Roller Coaster Fraispertuis City - unknown Latest update: Nov 17, 2021 Roller coaster Fraispertuis City France unknown 2021-11-17-11-45
Roller Coaster MagicLand - 2025 Latest update: Dec 21, 2022 Roller coaster MagicLand Italy 2025 2022-12-21-18-04
Roller Coaster Skyline Park - 2024 Latest update: Oct 31, 2021 Roller coaster Skyline Park Germany 2024 2021-10-31-00-50
Scuola Guida Futuro Leolandia - 2024 Latest update: May 20, 2024 Transport ride Leolandia Italy 2024 2024-05-20-10-16
Splash Lagoon Paultons Park - 2024 Latest update: May 20, 2024 Water ride Paultons Park United Kingdom 2024 2024-05-20-21-00
Studios Occitanie Méditerranée Ubisoft Entertainment Center - 2025 Latest update: May 31, 2022 Family Entertainment Center Ubisoft Entertainment Center France 2025 2022-05-31-11-35
Suspended Thrill Coaster Emerald Park - 2024 Latest update: Jul 17, 2023 Roller coaster Emerald Park Ireland 2024 2023-07-17-11-04
Sweet Valley Energylandia - 2024 Latest update: May 12, 2024 Themed area with rides Energylandia Poland 2024 2024-05-12-11-06
Swingi Linnanmäki - 2024 Latest update: Nov 11, 2022 Flat ride Linnanmäki Finland 2024 2022-11-11-11-10
Tangled Ride Walt Disney Studios Park - unknown Latest update: May 9, 2024 Flat ride Walt Disney Studios Park France unknown 2024-05-09-11-04
The Regal View Walt Disney Studios Park - unknown Latest update: Jan 30, 2023 Restaurant Walt Disney Studios Park France unknown 2023-01-30-19-51
The Rocking Boat Europa-Park - unknown Latest update: Dec 8, 2021 Water ride Europa-Park Germany unknown 2021-12-08-15-21
Therme Manchester Therme Manchester - 2025 Latest update: Sep 22, 2023 Water park Therme Manchester United Kingdom 2025 2023-09-22-09-09
Thrill Roller Coaster Gröna Lund - 2024 Latest update: Jul 1, 2022 Roller coaster Gröna Lund Sweden 2024 2022-07-01-17-30
Tilt Coaster Energylandia - cancelled Latest update: Apr 13, 2023 Roller coaster Energylandia Poland cancelled 2023-04-13-15-04
Tír Na nÓg Emerald Park - 2024 Latest update: May 22, 2024 Themed area Emerald Park Ireland 2024 2024-05-22-11-51
Tobbedanser Duinrell - 2024 Latest update: Dec 27, 2023 Flat ride Duinrell Netherlands 2024 2023-12-27-20-13
Tomorrowland Roller Coaster Holiday Park - 2025 Latest update: Oct 29, 2022 Roller coaster Holiday Park Germany 2025 2022-10-29-10-36
Tony’s Chocolonely Chocoladefabriek Tony’s Chocolonely Chocoladefabriek - cancelled Latest update: Dec 6, 2021 Experience Tony’s Chocolonely Chocoladefabriek Netherlands cancelled 2021-12-06-16-40
Universal Studios Great Britain Universal Studios Great Britain - rumoured Latest update: Apr 12, 2024 Amusement Park Universal Studios Great Britain United Kingdom rumoured 2024-04-12-14-51
Vindfald Tivoli Friheden - 2024 Latest update: May 21, 2024 Roller coaster Tivoli Friheden Denmark 2024 2024-05-21-21-04
Voltron Nevera Europa-Park - 2024 Latest update: May 9, 2024 Roller coaster Europa-Park Germany 2024 2024-05-09-22-01
Wiener Looping Wiener Prater - 2024 Latest update: Mar 26, 2024 Roller coaster Wiener Prater Austria 2024 2024-03-26-11-15
Ziegel-Blitz Jaderpark - 2024 Latest update: Mar 8, 2023 Roller coaster Jaderpark Germany 2024 2023-03-08-20-29

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New Amusement Parks opening in Europe:
All, 2024, 2025, unknown, rumoured, cancelled,

New Dark rides opening in Europe:
All, 2024, 2025,

New Drop towers opening in Europe:
All, 2024,

New Experiences opening in Europe:
All, 2024, cancelled,

New Family Entertainment Centers opening in Europe:
All, 2025,

New Flat rides opening in Europe:
All, 2024, unknown,

New Holiday Villages opening in Europe:
All, 2024,

New Hotels opening in Europe:
All, 2024, 2025, unknown,

New Refurbishments opening in Europe:
All, unknown,

New Restaurants opening in Europe:
All, unknown,

New Roller coasters opening in Europe:
All, 2024, 2025, unknown, rumoured, cancelled,

New Themed areas opening in Europe:
All, 2024,

New Themed area with ridess opening in Europe:
All, 2024, unknown,

New Tower rides opening in Europe:
All, 2024,

New Transport rides opening in Europe:
All, 2024,

New Water rides opening in Europe:
All, 2024, 2025, unknown,

New Water parks opening in Europe:
All, 2025, unknown,

europe - Archive:

Adventure Cove (Drayton Manor,2021)

Aero Kid’z (Kid’zland,2022)

Antares (Movieland Park,2022)

Aqua Bellatores (Toverland,2023)

Aqualantis (Energylandia,2021)

Aqualibi Expansion (Aqualibi,2023)

Archipel (Efteling,2022)

Auf dem Bauernhof (Jaderpark,2020)

Avalon Expansion (Toverland,2023)

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force (Walt Disney Studios Park,2022)

Avengers Campus (Walt Disney Studios Park,2022)

Avengers: Power The Night (Walt Disney Studios Park,2023)

Awildas Welt (Hansa-Park,2021)

Babylon Park London (Babylon Park,2022)

Babylon Park Madrid (2023)

Bäckerei Krümel (Efteling,2021)

Balagos (Avonturenpark Hellendoorn,2021)

Batman Gotham City Adventures (2023)

Batukai Racer (Serengeti Park,2020)

Biberburg (Familypark,2022)

Biberturm (Traumland auf der Bärenhöhle,2022)

Bing Area (Leolandia,2023)

Black Mirror Labyrinth (Thorpe Park,2021)

Bob-Coaster (Churpfalzpark,2022)

Brasserie Rosalie (Disney Village,2023)

Bucklbahn (Eis-Greissler Manufaktur,2023)

Carousel Baltique (Hansa-Park,2023)

Carrara (Mandoria,2022)

Cars Road Trip (Walt Disney Studios Park,2021)

Casa de Coco (Disneyland Paris,2023)

CBeebies Land Expansion (Alton Towers,2022)

Chaos Karts (2021)

Chasseurs de Tornades (Futuroscope,2022)

Chez Gyrofolix (Parc Astérix,2023)

Circus Bumba (Plopsaland De Panne,2023)

CoasterKart (Tier- und Freizeitpark Thüle,2022)

Crazy Professor (Conny-Land,2022)

Croc Drop (Chessington World of Adventures,2021)

Cyber Blaster (Universe Science Park,2021)

De Oude Lijnbaan (Duinrell,2023)

De Vlindervlucht (Plopsa Coo,2020)

Der Fliegende Regenschirm (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal,2021)

Die Tierkinder vom Peterhof (Hansa Park,2022)

Dino Dash (Tayto Park,2022)

Dino Splash (Holiday Park,2020)

Dinosaurland Expansion (Djurs Sommerland,2023)

Disk'O Coaster (Djurs Sommerland,2023)

Disney Junior Dream Factory (Walt Disney Studios Park,2021)

Dolina Jagi (Legendia,2020)

Drachen Magic (Ritter Rost Magic Park,2022)

Dragonwatch (Toverland,2023)

Duplo Dino Coaster (Legoland Windsor,2020)

Eat My Dust (Walibi Holland,2023)

Eatrenalin (Europa-Park,2022)

Eco Lodgee (Futuroscope,2023)

El Molcajete (Fraispertuis City,2023)

Ensō (Blackpool Pleasure Beach,2022)

Entrance Area (Bayern Park,2023)

Étincelle: La Malédiction de l'Opale Noire (Futuroscope,2023)

Exotic Island (Energylandia,2021)

Exotic Island (Walibi Rhône-Alpes,2022)

Expedition Zork (Toverland,2022)

Farmyard Flyer (Paultons Park,2022)

Festival City (Walibi Rhône-Alpes,2020)

Fire & Ice Tower (Legoland Deutschland,2023)

Flotte Otto (Skyline Park,2023)

Fly & Rookburgh (Phantasialand,2020)

Flying Tiger (Drouwenerzand,2023)

Forza (Tosselilla Sommarland,2022)

Fønix (Fårup Sommerland,2022)

Frau Boltes Küche (Efteling,2020)

Fridolins Verrückter Zauberexpress (Fantasiana,2021)

Funtasy World Rödental (2023)

Fyr & Flamme (Hunderfossen,2022)

Game Of Thrones Studio Tour (2020)

Gangsta Granny: The Ride (Alton Towers,2021)

Garden Tour (Toverland,2023)

Ghost Train (Thorpe Park,2023)

Gold Rush (Kingoland,2020)

Goldmine Express (De Waarbeek,2020)

Gotham City Escape (Parque Warner Madrid,2023)

Gozimba (Serengeti Park,2023)

Grand Curiosa Hotel (Liseberg,2023)

Grand Prix Racers (Gulliver's World Warrington,2023)

Gravitrax Roller Coaster (Ravensburger Spieleland,2021)

Halloween Fright Nights 2021 - Darkness takes over (Walibi Holland,2021)

Hals-über-Kopf (Tripsdrill,2020)

Hampi Playground (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

Hampi (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

Harrington Flint's Island Adventures (Fantasy Island,2022)

Harzturm (2022)

Hot Ice Euphoria (Blackpool Pleasure Beach,2021)

Hotel Charles Lindbergh (Phantasialand,2020)

Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel (Disneyland Paris,2021)

Hotel Station Cosmos (Futuroscope,2022)

Hubertus (Schwaben Park,2023)

Hummel Brummel (Schwaben Park,2020)

HuriHuri (TusenFryd,2022)

HyperAkselerator (Hunderfossen,2021)

Josefina's Kaiserliche Zauberreise (Europa-Park,2022)

Jumanji - the Adventure (Gardaland,2022)

Jumanji - the Labyrinth (Gardaland,2023)

Jumping Juna (Toverland,2023)

Karlas Erdbeer-Garten (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal,2023)

Karls Emailliewerke (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Rövershagen,2020)

Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Oberhausen (2022)

Kid Paddle Disk’O Coaster (Parc Spirou,2022)

Klippenschleuder (Potts Park,2022)

Kondaa (Walibi Belgium,2021)

Krampus Expedition (Nigloland,2021)

Kuniberts Abenteuer (Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten,2020)

L'Escadrille (Parc Ange Michel,2020)

L’Alcyon (Dennlys Parc,2023)

LaLiga Twenty Nine's (PortAventura World,2021)

Le Bayou Express (Le Fleury,2020)

Le Grand Siècle (Puy du Fou,2020)

Le Mime et l'Étoile (Puy du Fou,2023)

Le Pal Savana Reserve (Le Pal,2021)

Le Pteranodon (Winnoland,2022)

Le Schtroumpfeur (Plopsa Coo,2022)

LEGO Discovery Centre Brussels (2022)

Lego Movie World (Legoland Billund,2021)

LEGO Mythica Area (LEGOLAND Deutschland,2023)

Lego Mythica (Legoland Windsor,2021)

Legoland Discovery Centre Hamburg (2023)

Legoland Water Park (Gardaland,2021)

Leonardo (Le Fleury,2020)

Les Caravelles (Kingoland,2023)

Les Draisines (Fraispertuis City,2022)

Les Quais de Lutèce (Parc Astérix,2020)

Les Toucans (Parc Des Combes,2023)

Liechtenstein Area (Europa-Park,2023)

Lightning (Furuvik,2023)

Lilidorei (Alnwick Garden,2023)

Limofabrik (Oskarshausen,2022)

Lloyd's Spinjitzu Spinner (LEGOLAND Deutschland,2020)

Lodges Holiday Village (Nigloland,2021)

Looping Alois (Skyline Park,2023)

Los Banditos 4D (Walibi Belgium,2020)

LPG Rote Rübe (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal,2021)

Luna (Liseberg,2023)

MagicLand Waterpark (MagicLand,2023)

Majaland Praha (2021)

Majaland Warszawa (2022)

Majas Wilde Schwestern (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Rövershagen,2021)

Mamba Strike (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

Mandoria (2021)

Mandrill Mayhem - Jumanji Wing Coaster (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

Maranello Twist (Kingoland,2023)

Max & Moritz (Efteling,2020)

Maximus - Der Flug des Wächters (Legoland Deutschland,2023)

Merlin and the Magic Circle (Freizeit-Land Geiselwind,2021)

Monopoly Lifesized (London,2021)

Monster (Gröna Lund,2021)

Movie Park Studios Roller Coaster (Movie Park Germany,2021)

Musikkfabrikken (Hunderfossen,2023)

Namazu (Vulcania,2021)

Nerf Action Experience Manchester (2023)

Nest Speelbos (Efteling,2021)

NINJAGO Quartier (LEGOLAND Deutschland,2022)

Nobis (Phantasialand,2021)

Noisette Express (Nigloland,2020)

Objectif Mars (Futuroscope,2020)

Octopus Splash Attack (Kingoland,2021)

Operation Red Carpet (Movie Park Germany,2023)

Orochi (Parc du Bocasse,2021)

Ostrich Stampede (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

Overdrive (Gulliver's World Warrington,2023)

Pen Draig (La Récré des 3 Curés,2023)

Piraten in Batavia (Europa-Park,2020)

Pirati (Cavallino Matto,2023)

Pitts Special (PowerPark,2020)

Pixarus (Toverland,2023)

PJ Masks City (Leolandia,2020)

Platzhirsch (Eifepark,2022)

Plopsa Hotel (Plopsaland De Panne,2021)

Plopsa Station Antwerpen (2021)

Plopsaqua Landen-Hannuit (2020)

Post Office (Fraispertuis City,2020)

Psssht Station (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

Pushkin Theme Park (2023)

Raptor Adventure (De Waarbeek,2023)

Raset (Kongeparken,2023)

Red Bandits Adventure (Attractiepark Slagharen,2023)

Retrocyclos (Parc Saint Paul,2022)

RidderStrijd (Avonturenpark Hellendoorn,2023)

Robot Fighter (Flipped Funpark,2023)

Roller Coaster (Bayern-Park,2023)

Roller Coaster (Taunus Wunderland,2023)

Roma World (Cinecittà World,2020)

Rundrejsen (Fårup Sommerland,2023)

SaltoSwing (BillyBird Park Hemelrijk,2021)

Saven (Fårup Sommerland,2020)

Seaside Resort (Freizeit-Land Geiselwind,2022)

Shipwreck Coast (Chessington World Of Adventures,2022)

Sidecar (Djurs Sommerland,2023)

Sik - Ten Inversion Coaster (Flamingo Land,2022)

Silver Mountain (La Mer de Sable,2021)

Silverton (Walibi Belgium,2023)

Sirocco (Efteling,2022)

Skalmans Flygskola (Kolmården,2022)

Skovturen (Fårup Sommerland,2021)

Snorri Snorkeling (Rulantica,2021)

Space Zone (Movieland,2020)

Sparkx Hasselt (2023)

Sparky's Splash Dock (Toverland,2023)

Speed Zone Off-road (Walibi Holland,2023)

Speedy Nuts (Papéa Parc,2023)

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure (Walt Disney Studios Park,2022)

Spinning Coaster (Mondo Verde,2023)

Spookhuis Huyze Pelle (De Waarbeek,2022)

Starflyer (Skyline Park,2020)

Storm - The Dragon Legend (TusenFryd,2023)

Storm Chaser (Paultons Park,2021)

Super Wings (Holiday Park,2023)

Super Wings (Majaland Kownaty,2021)

Surftown MUC (2023)

Suspended Swing (Erlebnispark Steinau,2022)

Svalgurok (Rulantica,2021)

T-Rex Family Coaster (Djurs Sommerland,2022)

Taka Waka (Freizeit-Land Geiselwind,2022)

Tegernsee Phantastisch (2022)

Tempus (Liseberg,2022)

Terra Magma (Bobbejaanland,2023)

Texas Twister (Julianatoren,2022)

The Beat Challenge (PortAventura,2021)

The Curse at Alton Manor (Alton Towers,2023)

The Gallery of the Worlds (Pairi Daiza,2023)

The Gruffalo & Friends Clubhouse (The Gruffalo & Friends Clubhouse,2023)

The King's Table (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

The Paddington Bear Experience (2023)

The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland (Plopsaland De Panne,2021)

The Royal Pub (Disney Village,2023)

Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure (Walt Disney Studios Park,2023)

Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience (2022)

Tonnerre 2 Zeus (Parc Astérix,2022)

TooMush: Champi’Folies (Le Pal,2023)

Tornado Springs (Paultons Park,2021)

Tornado (Parc D'Attractions Marseillan-Plage,2021)

Toutatis (Parc Astérix,2023)

Tønnevirvel (Rulantica,2022)

Traumatica 2021 (Europa-Park,2021)

Turbo (Liseberg,2022)

Turm vom Peterhof (Hansa Park,2022)

Uncharted Indoor Roller Coaster (PortAventura Park,2023)

Underland Darkride (Liseberg,2021)

Verrücktwärts (Rasti-land,2023)

Vertika (La Récré Des 3 Curés,2020)

Vikingløp (Rulantica,2023)

Vikings Area (Drayton Manor,2022)

Volldampf (Tripsdrill,2020)

Vulcania Planetarium (Vulcania,2022)

Wakala (Bellewaerde,2020)

Wetterwelt Teil 2 (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal,2023)

Wickieland (Holiday Park,2021)

Wickieland (Majaland Kownaty,2020)

Wild Swing (Fantasiana,2022)

Wildwechsel (Eifelpark,2022)

Wind Seekers (Walibi Holland,2023)

Wolken-Express (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal,2023)

World of Jumanji (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

Xotic (Dennlys Parc,2020)

Yakari Area (Fort Fun Abenteuerland,2023)

YULLBE (Europa-Park,2020)

Zábavný Park Fantázia Liptov (2021)

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