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More than ever, social media determine which news updates we see. Recently I noticed that I was seeing less and less variation in my feeds. The algorithms of Facebook and Twitter always showed me similar things about the same parks and the same projects.

Secondly, I started to get tired of theme park forums because less and less news appeared there. As a substitute, more and more ridiculous opinions, and stupid remarks appeared to which I, excuse my French, had no message at all.

In order to stay updated with all the news, I have built CoasterCloud. It may not be the most beautiful website in the world, but it is a damn smart news tracker. CoasterCloud collects news from +/- 80 international sources, in multiple languages.

Non-English titles are translated automatically through a Google API, so those are sometimes a bit wonky. Let’s hope Google’s French and Italian gets better soon.

If you find CoasterCloud useful, feel free to share this site with fellow theme park enthusiasts. Maybe they’ll find it as useful as you and me. If you have any questions or comments, you can always send them to


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