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All new theme park rides in denmark opening in the coming years



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Vindfald Tivoli Friheden - 2024 Latest update: Feb 24, 2024 Roller coaster Tivoli Friheden Denmark 2024 2024-02-24-11-41

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New Roller coasters opening in Denmark:
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Cyber Blaster (Universe Science Park,2021)

Dinosaurland Expansion (Djurs Sommerland,2023)

Disk'O Coaster (Djurs Sommerland,2023)

Fønix (Fårup Sommerland,2022)

Lego Movie World (Legoland Billund,2021)

Rundrejsen (Fårup Sommerland,2023)

Saven (Fårup Sommerland,2020)

Sidecar (Djurs Sommerland,2023)

Skovturen (Fårup Sommerland,2021)

T-Rex Family Coaster (Djurs Sommerland,2022)

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