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All new theme park rides in belgium opening in the coming years



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Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Amazonia Bellewaerde Park - 2024 Latest update: Jul 3, 2024 Water ride Bellewaerde Park Belgium 2024 2024-07-03-17-05
Brazilian Buggies Bellewaerde - 2024 Latest update: Apr 21, 2024 Roller coaster Bellewaerde Belgium 2024 2024-04-21-00-04
Captain Jack Aviation Themepark Captain Jack Aviation Themepark - unknown Latest update: Feb 13, 2023 Amusement Park Captain Jack Aviation Themepark Belgium unknown 2023-02-13-18-09
Legoland Benelux Legoland Benelux - cancelled Latest update: Mar 27, 2023 Amusement Park Legoland Benelux Belgium cancelled 2023-03-27-20-20
Plopsa Hotel Coo Plopsa Coo - unknown Latest update: Dec 19, 2022 Hotel Plopsa Coo Belgium unknown 2022-12-19-22-15
Plopsa Village Plopsaland De Panne - 2024 Latest update: Apr 17, 2024 Holiday Village Plopsaland De Panne Belgium 2024 2024-04-17-18-20
Plopsaqua Mechelen Plopsaqua Mechelen - 2025 Latest update: Jun 30, 2024 Water park Plopsaqua Mechelen Belgium 2025 2024-06-30-10-37

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New Amusement Parks opening in Belgium:
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New Holiday Villages opening in Belgium:
All, 2024,

New Hotels opening in Belgium:
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New Roller coasters opening in Belgium:
All, 2024,

New Water rides opening in Belgium:
All, 2024,

New Water parks opening in Belgium:
All, 2025,

belgium - Archive:

Aqualibi Expansion (Aqualibi,2023)

Circus Bumba (Plopsaland De Panne,2023)

De Vlindervlucht (Plopsa Coo,2020)

Hampi Playground (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

Hampi (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

Kondaa (Walibi Belgium,2021)

Le Schtroumpfeur (Plopsa Coo,2022)

LEGO Discovery Centre Brussels (2022)

Los Banditos 4D (Walibi Belgium,2020)

Plopsa Hotel (Plopsaland De Panne,2021)

Plopsa Station Antwerpen (2021)

Plopsaqua Landen-Hannuit (2020)

Psssht Station (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

Silverton (Walibi Belgium,2023)

Sparkx Hasselt (2023)

Terra Magma (Bobbejaanland,2023)

The Gallery of the Worlds (Pairi Daiza,2023)

The King's Table (Bellewaerde Park,2023)

The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland (Plopsaland De Panne,2021)

Wakala (Bellewaerde,2020)

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