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All new theme park rides in sweden opening in the coming years



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Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Oceana Liseberg - unknown Latest update: Apr 5, 2024 Water park Liseberg Sweden unknown 2024-04-05-17-34
Thrill Roller Coaster Gröna Lund - 2024 Latest update: Jul 1, 2022 Roller coaster Gröna Lund Sweden 2024 2022-07-01-17-30

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New Roller coasters opening in Sweden:
All, 2024,

New Water parks opening in Sweden:
All, unknown,

sweden - Archive:

Forza (Tosselilla Sommarland,2022)

Grand Curiosa Hotel (Liseberg,2023)

Lightning (Furuvik,2023)

Luna (Liseberg,2023)

Monster (Gröna Lund,2021)

Skalmans Flygskola (Kolmården,2022)

Tempus (Liseberg,2022)

Turbo (Liseberg,2022)

Underland Darkride (Liseberg,2021)

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