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All new theme park rides in the Netherlands opening in the coming years



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Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Attractiepark Rotterdam Attractiepark Rotterdam - unknown Latest update: Mar 22, 2024 Amusement Park Attractiepark Rotterdam Netherlands unknown 2024-03-22-13-10
Bommelwereld Bommelwereld - 2025 Latest update: Mar 29, 2024 Amusement Park Bommelwereld Netherlands 2025 2024-03-29-11-21
Danse Macabre Efteling - 2024 Latest update: May 15, 2024 Experience Efteling Netherlands 2024 2024-05-15-19-04
Double RMC Single-Rail Coaster Walibi Holland - 2025 Latest update: Dec 29, 2023 Roller coaster Walibi Holland Netherlands 2025 2023-12-29-19-00
Efteling Grand Hotel Efteling - 2025 Latest update: May 16, 2024 Hotel Efteling Netherlands 2025 2024-05-16-18-04
Grand Circus Balancé Efteling - cancelled Latest update: Jan 15, 2023 Roller coaster Efteling Netherlands cancelled 2023-01-15-18-00
Hangende Achtbaan Attractiepark Slagharen - unknown Latest update: May 6, 2024 Roller coaster Attractiepark Slagharen Netherlands unknown 2024-05-06-17-05
Tobbedanser Duinrell - 2024 Latest update: Dec 27, 2023 Flat ride Duinrell Netherlands 2024 2023-12-27-20-13
Tony’s Chocolonely Chocoladefabriek Tony’s Chocolonely Chocoladefabriek - cancelled Latest update: Dec 6, 2021 Experience Tony’s Chocolonely Chocoladefabriek Netherlands cancelled 2021-12-06-16-40

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New Amusement Parks opening in the Netherlands:
All, 2025, unknown,

New Experiences opening in the Netherlands:
All, 2024, cancelled,

New Flat rides opening in the Netherlands:
All, 2024,

New Hotels opening in the Netherlands:
All, 2025,

New Roller coasters opening in the Netherlands:
All, 2025, unknown, cancelled,

netherlands - Archive:

Aqua Bellatores (Toverland,2023)

Archipel (Efteling,2022)

Avalon Expansion (Toverland,2023)

Bäckerei Krümel (Efteling,2021)

Balagos (Avonturenpark Hellendoorn,2021)

De Oude Lijnbaan (Duinrell,2023)

Dragonwatch (Toverland,2023)

Eat My Dust (Walibi Holland,2023)

Expedition Zork (Toverland,2022)

Flying Tiger (Drouwenerzand,2023)

Frau Boltes Küche (Efteling,2020)

Garden Tour (Toverland,2023)

Goldmine Express (De Waarbeek,2020)

Halloween Fright Nights 2021 - Darkness takes over (Walibi Holland,2021)

Jumping Juna (Toverland,2023)

Max & Moritz (Efteling,2020)

Nest Speelbos (Efteling,2021)

Pixarus (Toverland,2023)

Raptor Adventure (De Waarbeek,2023)

Red Bandits Adventure (Attractiepark Slagharen,2023)

RidderStrijd (Avonturenpark Hellendoorn,2023)

SaltoSwing (BillyBird Park Hemelrijk,2021)

Sirocco (Efteling,2022)

Sparky's Splash Dock (Toverland,2023)

Speed Zone Off-road (Walibi Holland,2023)

Spinning Coaster (Mondo Verde,2023)

Spookhuis Huyze Pelle (De Waarbeek,2022)

Texas Twister (Julianatoren,2022)

Wind Seekers (Walibi Holland,2023)

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