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All new theme park rides in china opening in the coming years



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Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Dinosaur Dream Works Dinosaur Dream Works - unknown Latest update: Jan 31, 2023 Amusement Park Dinosaur Dream Works China unknown 2023-01-31-03-29
Legoland Beijing Legoland Beijing - unknown Latest update: Feb 6, 2023 Amusement Park Legoland Beijing China unknown 2023-02-06-11-44
Legoland Shanghai Legoland Shanghai - 2024 Latest update: Nov 8, 2023 Amusement Park Legoland Shanghai China 2024 2023-11-08-14-20
LEGOLAND Shenzhen LEGOLAND Shenzhen - 2024 Latest update: Jan 7, 2023 Amusement Park LEGOLAND Shenzhen China 2024 2023-01-07-11-29
Paramount Theme Park (Kunming) Paramount Theme Park (Kunming) - 2024 Latest update: Nov 22, 2021 Amusement Park Paramount Theme Park (Kunming) China 2024 2021-11-22-18-40

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Boonie Bears Hotel (Fantawild Tianjin,2021)

Fantawild Ganzhou (2021)

Fantawild Heze (2023)

Fantawild Huai’an (2021)

Fantawild Jingzhou (2021)

Fantawild Ningbo (2021)

Fantawild Taiyuan (2021)

Fantawild Xuzhou (2023)

Fighter Jet (Fantawild Ganzhou,2021)

Fighter Jet (Fantawild Huai’an,2021)

Fighter Jet (Fantawild Kunming,2021)

Fighter Jet (Fantawild Ningbo,2021)

LEGOLAND Sichuan (2020)

Maurer Spinning Coaster (Sunac Hangzhou Bay,2022)

Renegade (Fantawild Taizhou,2021)

SAGA Shanghai by Puy du Fou (Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center,2023)

Sunac Hangzhou Bay (2021)

Sunac Land Chengdu (Sunac Cultural Tourism City Chengdu,2020)

Sunac Zhejiang (2023)

Sunac Zhongyuan (2023)

Universal Studios Beijing (2021)

Zootopia Land (Shanghai Disneyland,2023)

Zootopia: Hot Pursuit (Shanghai Disneyland,2023)

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