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All new theme park rides in italy opening in the coming years



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Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Disaster: The Blockbuster Tour Movieland Park - 2024 Latest update: Mar 31, 2024 Transport ride Movieland Park Italy 2024 2024-03-31-18-04
Roller Coaster MagicLand - 2025 Latest update: Dec 21, 2022 Roller coaster MagicLand Italy 2025 2022-12-21-18-04

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New Roller coasters opening in Italy:
All, 2025,

New Transport rides opening in Italy:
All, 2024,

italy - Archive:

Antares (Movieland Park,2022)

Bing Area (Leolandia,2023)

Jumanji - the Adventure (Gardaland,2022)

Jumanji - the Labyrinth (Gardaland,2023)

Legoland Water Park (Gardaland,2021)

MagicLand Waterpark (MagicLand,2023)

Pirati (Cavallino Matto,2023)

PJ Masks City (Leolandia,2020)

Roma World (Cinecittà World,2020)

Space Zone (Movieland,2020)

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