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All new theme park rides opening in the United Arab Emirates in the coming years



Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Mission Ferrari Ferrari World - 2022 Latest update: Feb 2, 2021 Roller coaster Ferrari World United Arab Emirates 2022 2021-02-02-11-12
SeaWorld Abu Dhabi SeaWorld Abu Dhabi - 2022 Latest update: May 12, 2022 Amusement Park SeaWorld Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 2022 2022-05-12-12-25
Storm Dubai Hills Mall - 2022 Latest update: Mar 14, 2022 Roller coaster Dubai Hills Mall United Arab Emirates 2022 2022-03-14-05-45

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New Amusement Parks opening in the United Arab Emirates:
All, 2022,

New Roller coasters opening in the United Arab Emirates:
All, 2022,

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Bombay Express (Bollywood Parks,2021)

Family Zone (Ferrari World Abu Dhabi,2020)

John Wick: Open Contract 4D Roller Coaster (Motiongate Dubai,2021)

Legoland Hotel (Dubai Parks and Resorts,2021)

Now You See Me: High Roller (Motiongate Dubai,2021)

Scarecrow Scare Raid (Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi,2021)

Warner Bros Hotel (Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi,2021)

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