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All new theme park rides in the United Kingdom opening in the coming years



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Project ▾ Type ▾ Park ▾ Country ▾ Year ▾ Last update ▾
Drop tower Adventure Island - 2024 Latest update: Dec 14, 2023 Tower ride Adventure Island United Kingdom 2024 2023-12-14-12-52
Family thrill coaster Drayton Manor - 2024 Latest update: Dec 13, 2023 Roller coaster Drayton Manor United Kingdom 2024 2023-12-13-21-44
Gigantosaurus Land Roarr! - 2024 Latest update: Jun 1, 2023 Themed area with rides Roarr! United Kingdom 2024 2023-06-01-14-14
Hyperia Thorpe Park - 2024 Latest update: May 14, 2024 Roller coaster Thorpe Park United Kingdom 2024 2024-05-14-22-47
Indoor Roller Coaster Alton Towers - rumoured Latest update: Aug 16, 2023 Roller coaster Alton Towers United Kingdom rumoured 2023-08-16-23-52
Indoor Waterpark Chessington World of Adventures - unknown Latest update: Nov 23, 2022 Water park Chessington World of Adventures United Kingdom unknown 2022-11-23-18-04
LEGO Adventure Golf LEGOLAND Windsor - 2024 Latest update: Aug 21, 2023 Experience LEGOLAND Windsor United Kingdom 2024 2023-08-21-11-28
LEGOLAND Windsor Holiday Village Legoland Windsor - 2024 Latest update: Mar 27, 2023 Holiday Village Legoland Windsor United Kingdom 2024 2023-03-27-10-59
London Resort London Resort - 2025 Latest update: Feb 3, 2024 Amusement Park London Resort United Kingdom 2025 2024-02-03-17-54
Minifigure Speedway LEGOLAND Windsor - 2024 Latest update: Apr 10, 2024 Roller coaster LEGOLAND Windsor United Kingdom 2024 2024-04-10-11-11
Therme Manchester Therme Manchester - 2025 Latest update: Sep 22, 2023 Water park Therme Manchester United Kingdom 2025 2023-09-22-09-09
Universal Studios Great Britain Universal Studios Great Britain - rumoured Latest update: Apr 12, 2024 Amusement Park Universal Studios Great Britain United Kingdom rumoured 2024-04-12-14-51
Water Ride Paultons Park - 2024 Latest update: Dec 3, 2022 Water ride Paultons Park United Kingdom 2024 2022-12-03-22-00

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New Amusement Parks opening in the United Kingdom:
All, 2025, rumoured,

New Experiences opening in the United Kingdom:
All, 2024,

New Holiday Villages opening in the United Kingdom:
All, 2024,

New Roller coasters opening in the United Kingdom:
All, 2024, rumoured,

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All, 2024,

New Tower rides opening in the United Kingdom:
All, 2024,

New Water rides opening in the United Kingdom:
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New Water parks opening in the United Kingdom:
All, 2025, unknown,

united kingdom - Archive:

Adventure Cove (Drayton Manor,2021)

Babylon Park London (Babylon Park,2022)

Black Mirror Labyrinth (Thorpe Park,2021)

CBeebies Land Expansion (Alton Towers,2022)

Chaos Karts (2021)

Croc Drop (Chessington World of Adventures,2021)

Duplo Dino Coaster (Legoland Windsor,2020)

Ensō (Blackpool Pleasure Beach,2022)

Farmyard Flyer (Paultons Park,2022)

Gangsta Granny: The Ride (Alton Towers,2021)

Ghost Train (Thorpe Park,2023)

Grand Prix Racers (Gulliver's World Warrington,2023)

Harrington Flint's Island Adventures (Fantasy Island,2022)

Hot Ice Euphoria (Blackpool Pleasure Beach,2021)

Lego Mythica (Legoland Windsor,2021)

Lilidorei (Alnwick Garden,2023)

Mamba Strike (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

Mandrill Mayhem - Jumanji Wing Coaster (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

Monopoly Lifesized (London,2021)

Nerf Action Experience Manchester (2023)

Ostrich Stampede (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

Overdrive (Gulliver's World Warrington,2023)

Shipwreck Coast (Chessington World Of Adventures,2022)

Sik - Ten Inversion Coaster (Flamingo Land,2022)

Storm Chaser (Paultons Park,2021)

The Curse at Alton Manor (Alton Towers,2023)

The Gruffalo & Friends Clubhouse (The Gruffalo & Friends Clubhouse,2023)

The Paddington Bear Experience (2023)

Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience (2022)

Tornado Springs (Paultons Park,2021)

Vikings Area (Drayton Manor,2022)

World of Jumanji (Chessington World of Adventures,2023)

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